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This garlic infused olive oil is made with the same organic, hand-crafted, medium-intensity extra virgin olive oil that  is a pasture blend of 5 iconic Tuscan varietals, displaying typical Frantoio characteristics of cut grass and fruit as well as the malty notes of the Leccino. It is milled within 1 day of harvest to ensure maximum freshness, then cold-pressed using one of the last stone mills in California.


Flavored oil can be categorized as fused or infused. Fused means the olives were crushed with the lemons, garlic, or other ingredients.  This can be achieved by machine crushing. You can also infuse oil by placing the plant directly into the oil and aging it for several weeks.  We add produce or organic, distilled extracts to flavor the oil, never powders or artificial flavorings. 


PRO-TIPS: Flavored oils can be used for cooking or finishing dishes. Research shows olive oil will take heat well up to 437 degrees with low productions of carcinogens (AARP April 2020).


The Lemon-Infused is great on fish and seafood, drizzled over vegetables (asparagus!), and mixed with mayo makes a wonderful aioli for dipping artichoke leaves.


The Garlic-Infused is fantastic on everything. 


Net fluid volume: 350ml


Local pick up available. 

Garlic Infused Olive Oil - 350ml


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